IBBDs Consulting Nigeria Limited is a one stop shop for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) needs.  We are a reliable business consultant and Accredited Business Development Service Provider with Bank of Industry and other Developmental Banks in Nigeria, we handhold and personalized in working with Small, Medium and Large Enterprises to growth and development with accurate industry data analysis and reports for business planning and expansion. We are an expert in oil mill industry and have vast experience and accurate data of the industry. We are proudly the sole dealers of Goyum Screw Press (India) machines in Nigeria. We formalized the informal sector by way of Micro Leasing, Micro Credit and agency banking services for financial institutions and also help organization and government on informal sector data collection and analysis to develop a solution to identified challenges in the sector


Goyum Srew Press is a leading manufacturer and exporter of complete range of oil mill machineries such as Oil Expellers, Cooking Oil Refinery Plant, Solvent Extraction Machinery, Animal Feed making Plant, Seed Processing Machine, Filter Press Machine, Boiler, Material Handling Equipment and Oil Expeller Spares.


The Goyum Group has been a global leader for the last 49 years with rich expertise for enginery, mechanism suppliers and installation provider of the turnkey plants.


They already have a portfolio of 400+ projects commissioned in all 7 continents covering 54 countries including the USA, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, UK, Australia and Africa.


IBBDS CONSULTING NIGERIA LIMITED is proudly the sole dealer of GOYUM SCREW PRESS in Nigeria.





Bank of Industry Limited was established in October 2001 by the government to provide medium and long term finances by way of equity funding, loan and lease financing, guarantees, investment in corporate bonds, e.t.c


In other words, BOI is a financial institution charged with the responsibility of providing finances to manufacturing industries for expansion of their business.


IBBDS CONSULTING NIGERIA LIMITED is an accredited BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICE PROVIDER and we cover every state in the country.


IBBDs Consulting Nigeria Limited has help over 200 businesses to access affordable funding through BOI and other Development Banks in Nigeria to Start, expand or and grow their business.


Our track record and success rate has made us a known choice by many businesses and our Financial Institutions Partners





IBBDS CONSULTING NIGERIA LIMITED offers Business Advisory to businesses that want to expand and for start ups. We also do outsourcing, staff management and general consulting for businesses.


We advise organizations on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results.


We help investors to conceptualize, Initiate, develop, implement business ideas that can give quick ROI





We assist both government and non-governmental organizations in distribution of funds tailored at eradicating poverty and empowering Nigerians.


We devise strategic means to make disbursement and recovery of loans very fast and without stress.


Our system have been designed in such a way that help out client to have nearly to nil NPL  in their disbursed loans.


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